Who we are


Advanced Geomechanics Sdn Bhd is a specialist in foundation underpinning works, pile injection, sheet piling and geotechnical instrumentations.


Advanced Geomechanics Sdn Bhd has relevant experience and competence in the following geotechnical instrumentations;
a) Precise levelling monitoring using Leica NA3002
b) Pile Echo Tester PT002-Bluetooth PET (ASTM D5882-08)
c) Vertical settlement extensometer for substrata settlement analysis
d) Polchor slope indicator to detect slip in unstable slopes
e) Ground Penetrating Radar survey used mainly for delineating overburden and rock head and sinkholes foundation studies

Advanced Geomechanics Sdn Bhd owns the following machines and equipments;

a) 10 sets of 50t hydraulic pile injections machines
b) 3 sets of 75t hydraulic pile injections machines
c) 5 sets of 100t hydraulic pile injections machines
d) 1 set of 200t hydraulic pile injections machine
e) 1 set of 350t hydraulic pile injections machine
f) 1 set of 1300t hydraulic pile injections machine
g) 10 set of Genset of 30-60 KVA gensets
h) 4 nos of fork lifts
i) 1 nos of crane
j) 2 set 60t electric vibro hammer
k) 1 set of high pressure water cutter and accesorries
l) 20 sets of welding machines
m) Others concrete pumps and accessories

What we do

Our profession services including :
1. Pile injections for underpinning system
2. Hydraulic machines manufacturing
3. Franchising of our patented underpinning systems


Through our service, client experience:
- Cheaper cost in rectified building settlement.
- New innovative underpinning for pile foundations.
- No messy Work.
- Building level lifted up.
- Cheaper solution.
- Complete fast within week or 1-2 months.
- Environmental friendly.

Completed underpinning with 60% jacked to original tilt.

Settlement monitoring during the lift up of the buildings at certain critical points.

Our Mission

Advanced Geomechanics Sdn Bhd strives to :

1.) Significantly reduce foundation costs and value add to the overall project.
2.) Provide effectiveness and appropriate design with professional endorsements .
3.) Introduce innovativations through pile injections and new sheet pile foundation technology.
4.) To achieve 100% client satisfaction.