Champions in the construction industry:The Patented Pin-Hole Pile Injection Underpinning is perfectly suited for those looking for a proven opportunity in this construction industry. We provide the machines and system. All you need are personal management skills and a drive to succeed.Our underpinning System and concept is first in Malaysia and we are looking to expand the idea to neighbour country and franchise the system globally.

As team member in the ADVANCED group, you are part of the sophisticated system in underpinning in this industry. You will profit from our comprehensive system, design, realistic business approach, quality products, in which you can reduced your costs up to 60% compared to traditional method using screws piles or small sized tubes.

Consider these benefits which:-
• Exclusive territory
• Complete initial training
• Profitable cash investment
• Adding our underpinning machine and system in construction.
• The Underpinning system is highly profitable.
• Ongoing operations and technical support

Do you have the desire to be a member of the ADVANCED group. Contact us now.