Pile Injections

ADVANCED GEOMECHANICS underpinning is a silent, safe, rapid and economical solution to strengthen existing foundation with limited headroom.


The hydraulic reverse jack-in method utilize the adjacent reaction force of the jacked-in piles to force the pile into the ground without causing vibrations that will further damage the already distressed structural frame of the building.

The pile injections machine can be assembled and operated by remote control. Currently, there are 4 models available:
1. UP-20-SP — hydraulic pile driver 20t
2. UP-50-SP — hydraulic pile driver 50t
3. UP-70-SP — hydraulic pile driver 70t
4. UP-400-UP—hydraulic pile driver 400t

Upon pressing in the pile to the required hard stratum, the underpinning pile is preloaded and locked-off permanently to the specially adapted pile-head. This preloading ensures that the underpinning pile can immediately carry the building load without further settlement.